GM INOX S.R.L. – GAVIRATE – External turning and internal  boring  of pipes and vertical centricast items, complete construction of assembled rolls,  production of items for wind energy generators, centrifugal decanters, reduction gears, drive shafts, mills, general mechanical components.

GM Inox has as primary activity the machining of centrifugally cast pipes, castings, forgings and similar raw items. A complete set of machining tools is available for external and internal turning of tubular components and for the complete construction of fabricated and assembled rolls for steel industry, plastic and paper production. Available are also machining tools for production of items in the field of wind energy, rotating decanters, reduction gears, drive shafts, industrial mills and general mechanical components.


GM INOX S.r.l - Lavorazione componenti acciaio inox
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GM INOX S.r.l - Cilindri per estrusione
GM INOX S.r.l. - Componenti meccaniche
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From August 2005, due to continous growth, Company has been transferred in a brand new factory (3.000 sq. mts) in Gavirate. With the new operative structure Company could enter in a wide number of new markets and products.

With effect from July 2009 6th GM INOX s.r.l. achieves the certificate of approval to quality management system standard ISO 9001:2008.

GM INOX S.r.l. - Trattamento di vibrazione
GM INOX S.r.l. - certification with instrument and tridimensional machine
Machining tools

Sede operativa: Viale dello Sport n. 31 - 21026 Gavirate (VA)
Sede Legale: Via Ferrante Aporti n. 18 - 20125 Milano (MI)
TEL. +39 0332 744843        FAX+39 0332 742296
Capitale sociale €. 400.000,00 i.v.
Reg. Imprese MILANO n. 00339010126 - REA Milano n. 1762152
Reg. Imprese VARESE n. 8528 - REA Varese n. 128804
Cod. Fiscale e P.IVA IT00339010126







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